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"E. E. & Brian Smith can trace its roots back to the mid-nineteenth century and has been involved in sourcing raw materials for the British food industry for almost 150 years."

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E. E. & Brian Smith are proud to be associated with these companies and organisations that continually supply us with a very high quality product.


Capers are one of our stock items available with a short lead time here in the UK.

The caper bush itself is a wild shrub and harvest takes place between May and August with new season product becoming available in September. The Caper is the un-ripened fruit of the bush, with the Caperberry coming after the flower. The different caper names refer to the different sizes.

Product can be supplied in 55kg (NDW) and 180kg (NDW) plastic drums. Please see the list of specific sizes below:

Brian Smith have a long standing relationship with a Morrocan Caper Company and we offer:

  • Non-pareilles-5/7mm
  • Surfines-7/8mm
  • Capucines-8/9mm
  • Capotes 9/10mm
  • Capotes 10/11mm
  • Fines-11/12mm
  • Fines-12/13mm
  • Gruesas-13/14mm
  • Hors Calibre-+14mm


  • Fino 0/15mm
  • Medianos 15/18mm
  • Gruesos-18/20mm

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