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"E. E. & Brian Smith can trace its roots back to the mid-nineteenth century and has been involved in sourcing raw materials for the British food industry for almost 150 years."

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E. E. & Brian Smith are proud to be associated with these companies and organisations that continually supply us with a very high quality product.

Food Mixing Systems & Food Manufacturing Machinery

Food Stirring and Mixing Technologies

Apart from our extensive range of food stuffs, E.E. & Brian Smith is also able to offer food mixing systems and food manufacturing machinery from Typhoon and Fluidor Equipment B.V. in Holland.

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Specialists in stirring and mixing technologies for the food industry, Typhoon equipment is the premium mark in efficiency and build quality. Our customers for Typhoon engineering equipment range from food and drink manufacturers to chemical engineering companies.

Fluidor Equipment B.V. focuses on producing high grade ice crushing, drum tipping and thawing technologies, mainly for the frozen fruit and juice manufacturers. However, their key strength, as with Typhoon, is their ability to design and manufacture bespoke machinery for specific needs.

Do please contact either William Neill or Gemma Gibbons for further information.

Telephone: 01844 239500

  • Stirring and Mixing Machines
  • Ice Crushing Machines
  • Drum Tippers
  • Thawing Technologies
  • Bespoke Machinery

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