On Friday 20th January, members of our EEBS Sales team visited our long time partners and friends, Van Der Kroon Food Products B.V. (https://www.kroonfood.nl/en/) at their Head Quarters in Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands. It had been far too long since we visited them and a lot has changed in the 2 years since we were last there!

They have acquired a new Glass Packaging Production line, built a whole new, state of the art finished product warehouse and installed 1,386 solar panels on their roof! The expected annual yield is approximately 450,000 kWh which largely generates their own annual electricity needs. They are seriously investing in the future! The new changes should transform Van Der Kroon into a European pickled products powerhouse!

It was great to meet the team again at Kroon and dive into the details of their product range! Apart from being able to offer Foodservice friendly plastic jars of Beetroot, Onions, Gherkins, Piccalilli, Sauer Kraut and many other pickled vegetables , they can offer retail and foodservice glass jars too! Every day is a school day!

We left the factory on Friday evening with our heads full of facts and promised to visit the gang at Kroon again very soon!

Kroon Factory