On Thursday 20th June the E.E. & Brian Smith sales team attended the British Fruit Juice Association (BFJA) Annual Symposium at Inn Holders Hall, London.

The event is a great opportunity for everyone in the juice industry to catch up with suppliers and customers attending.

This year the event was focused on ‘Natural Sugar Reduction in Fruit Juice’ and what this means for the industry. The speakers were from Austria Juice, Eurofins and Better Juice. In order to market any product as “sugar reduced”, juice or otherwise, you have to remove at least 30% sugar. The juice is more expensive to purchase due to the extra production steps needed however there is a market for these reduced sugar juices.

The team found the talks very informative and liked the sampling session of different juices and they tried Orange, Apple and Mixed Berry by Better Juice and Austria Juice at the end of the talks.

If you would like to find out more about the BFJA please visit their website – https://www.bfja.org/

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