Wimbledon runs from 1st – 14th July and we are currently in the second week of the Championship.

Wimbledon is famous for the tennis but is also known for the Strawberries!

Did you know that around 40 tons of British Strawberries are eaten over the two weeks at Wimbledon!

They are sourced from one grower who is based in Kent, 31 miles from the grounds. To ensure there is enough Strawberries 100,000 plants are planted at the end of March.

The Strawberries are delivered fresh to the grounds every day and any Strawberries which are not eaten are not wasted. They are frozen and used to make Strawberry Jam for the Scones and Victoria Sponge Cake which are served all year round at the All England Club.

Frozen Strawberries and Strawberry products are a very popular product for us here at E.E. & Brian Smith and we are now in the British season for soft fruit.

We can source British and Scottish Strawberry products including IQF Frozen Fruit, Puree and Juice. These are popular for products where ‘British’ or ‘Scottish’ is labelled on the packaging.

If you would like any further information, please contact the sales team – enquires@eebrainsmith.com.