We source our Anchovy Fillets from a long-standing supplier who is based in Northern Spain and we have worked with for over 50 years.

The Anchovy Fillets come in different sized cans dependent on your needs. We can supply: –

  • 50g easy open can
  • 380g, 800g – Aluminium (olive oil) or Tin Plate (sunflower oil) can

These are suitable for retail or food service customers. Plastic food servicing packaging will be available shortly.

The factory always sources the freshest anchovies and fish which are of optimum size. The anchovy fillets are prepared by hand, using traditional methods. We supply good quality anchovy fillets as the supplier focuses on maturing the anchovies for a long period of time under controlled conditions, having the correct level of salt due to the washing process and ensuring the filleting is accurate so no bones are present in the anchovy fillets.

Our Anchovy Fillets can be MSC or standard grade. They are sourced from a BRC certified factory from either Spain or Peru.


June – September.

Packaging Options

50g easy open can

380g aluminium can (using olive oil) or tin plate (using sunflower oil)

800g aluminium can (using olive oil) or tin plate (using sunflower oil)

Transport Options

Ambient Transport

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