E.E. & Brian Smith are a supplier of Anchovy Manufacturing Grade. We source our Anchovy Manufacturing Grade from a long-standing supplier who is based in Northern Spain, and we been working with them for over 60 years.

The Anchovy Manufacturing grade is a standard product and not MSC certified unless requested. This is a specialist ingredient as the anchovies are preserved in salt for between 9 to 18 months.

This ingredient is often used in umami sauces such as Worcester sauce.

This is BRC certified from one of our suppliers three factories in either Spain, Argentina, or Peru.

This line has long lead times due to the maturity process however our supplier may have some availability so please contact us.

We are happy to supply samples, specifications and prices for more information please contact enquiries@eebriansmith.com or 01844 239500.

Question – When is the best time to purchase Anchovy Manufacturing Grade?

Answer – The best time to purchase the Anchovy Manufacturing Grade is June to September. However, remember the lead time is long for this product due to the maturation period being 9 – 18 months in salt.

Question – What can Anchovy Manufacturing Grade be used for?

Answer – The most common use for Anchovy Manufacturing Grade is Unami Sauces such as Worcester Sauce.

Question – What does MSC certified mean?

Answer – MSC stands for Marine Stewardship Council and is the most recognised label for sustainable seafood. It means you can trust where the fish or seafood comes from and it has been sourced in a sustainable way.


June – September.

Packaging Options

300kg Drums

Transport Options

Ambient Transport

Chilled Transport

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