Apple Not from Concentrate (NFC) Juice is one of the most popular fruit juices across the world. Apple NFC Juice is manufactured by pressing apples to try and maintain as much flavour as possible. During the manufacturing process the juice would have the skin, pips and cells of the fruit removed.

Apple NFC Juice main production areas in the world are USA and China however we source Apple NFC Juice from Europe including – Germany, Italy and Poland.

We also source British Apple NFC Juice along with varietals if needed including Cox and Bramley. E.E. Brian Smith can also source blended NFC’s with certain varieties to suit your needs.

We can supply Apple NFC Juice in conventional or Organic.

Apple NFC Juice is normally supplied Cloudy and has undergone heat treatment, so it is supplied Aseptic in Drums or Bags in Boxes. We can supply in frozen packaging as well if required.

Vitamin C is often added to Apple NFC Juice to help boost vitamins which might have been lost in processing also to help preserve good colour.


September – November.

Packaging Options

Aseptic Drums (approx. 200kg) and Aseptic Bags in Boxes (20kg)

Frozen Drums (approx. 180kg) and Frozen Pails (20kg)

Transport Options

Ambient Transport

Frozen Transport

Chilled Transport

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