Blood Orange is a type of Orange with a crimson flesh which is often referred to as almost blood coloured. The flesh of the Orange is dark due to the presence of anthocyanin. Blood Oranges have a distinct taste to other Oranges and are often referred to as having a Raspberry taste.

Blood Oranges are pressed with cells and pips being removed then the resulting juice is put through the evaporation process. This means the juice becomes concentrated and you can ship reduced volumes which helps save costs. It can be re-diluted back to single strength juice at your factory if required.

We source all our Blood Orange Juice Concentrate from our supplier in Sicily. You can declare Sicilian on your labelling.

Blood Orange Juice Concentrate is normally supplied Aseptically or Frozen in Drums, Bags in Boxes or Frozen Pails.


February – April.

Packaging Options

Aseptic or Frozen Drums, Frozen Pails or Aseptic Bags in Boxes

Transport Options

Ambient or Frozen Transport

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