Gherkins are washed and checked for defects then processed into the product required. We can supply whole gherkins, slices (including coin cut gherkins and length ways sliced gherkins) in different thicknesses and diced gherkins. They are packed into packaging format required and pasteurised.

We supply lots of different recipes to suit your needs including sweet and sour, with and without colour.

Diced gherkins are often used in sauces such as Tartar sauce, coin cut gherkins are used in burgers or on pizzas and whole mini gherkins are used in Delis and on sharing boards.

We can supply in retail jars in all sizes as well as food service friendly plastic jars in either 2.4kg or 1.5kg sizes. We can also supply some lines in 10 litre cans.

All products have a 3-year shelf life. All products are supplied from our factory in Holland and the Fresh Gherkins are sourced from Germany and Barrel Gherkins are sourced from India.


Fresh Gherkins – June, July and August

Barrel Gherkins – February, March and June, July

Packaging Options

2.4kg and 1.5kg plastic jars, retail jars, aseptic pouches and canned.

Transport Options

Ambient Transport

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