Lemon NFC Juice is manufactured by pressing lemons to try and maintain as much flavour as possible. During the manufacturing process the juice has the skin, pips and cells of the fruit removed and then quickly packed.

Lemon NFC can be sourced from all over the world, but we tend to source from Sicily, Spain and Argentina. Other countries you can source from includes Turkey, Greece, Italy and South Africa.

We can also offer Low Pulp Lemon NFC which is great for sparkling Lemonade drinks as it doesn’t settle in the bottle.

It is supplied Clear or Cloudy depending on your application and can be Unpasteurised, Aseptic, Frozen and Preserved in Drums, Bags in Boxes or Jerry Cans.


European crop from December to April.

Packaging Options

Aseptic Drums (approx. 200kg) and Aseptic Bags in Boxes (20kg)

Frozen Drums (approx. 190kg) and Frozen Pails (20kg)

Transport Options

Ambient Transport

Frozen Transport

Chilled Transport

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