E.E. & Brian Smith are a supplier of Pear NFC Juice. It is produced by using ripe Pears as if the fruit is not ripe you do not get as good a flavour juice. The Pears are pressed to try to maintain as much flavour as possible. During the manufacturing process the juice would have the skin and cells of the fruit removed.

It is normally supplied Cloudy and has undergone heat treatment, so it is supplied Aseptic in Drums or Bags in Boxes. We can supply in frozen packaging as well if required.

We can supply our Pear products in conventional grade or Organic certified if required.

We source the majority of our Pear NFC Juice from Germany and Italy. Our Pear NFC Juice is sourced from BRC (or equivalent) factories. We have been working with these factories for a long time as their agent within the UK.

We are happy to supply samples, specifications and prices for more information please contact enquiries@eebriansmith.com or 01844 239500.

Question – When is best to purchase Pear NFC Juice?

Answer – The season in Europe runs from September to November and is when prices will be most competitive, and contracts can be made for the year.

Question – What is Pear NFC Juice?

Answer – It is when the Pears have simply been pressed and pasteurised. Nothing else has happened to the juice apart from this. For Pear Juice Concentrate the water has been evaporated from the juice

Question – What are the uses of Pear NFC Juice?

Answer – It can be used for a wide variety of applications in food production including –

  • Smoothies
  • Cocktails
  • Desserts
  • Soft and Alcoholic Drinks

Question – What other Pear products can E.E. & Brian Smith supply?

Answer – E.E. & Brian Smith can supply Pear Dice, Pear Juice Concentrate and Pear Puree.


September – November.

Packaging Options

Aseptic Drums (approx. 200kg)

Transport Options

Ambient Transport

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