E.E. & Brian Smith are a supplier of Pineapple NFC Juice. It is manufactured by pressing pineapples to try and maintain as much flavour as possible. It is treated with a minimal amount of heat to maintain its shelf life.

It is packed into either Aseptic Drums or Bag in Boxes, but we can also supply frozen as well if needed.

Pineapple NFC Juice production areas in the world are Costa Rica, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

The brix level can vary between 11-14⁰ for Pineapple NFC Juice dependent on country it is sourced from and Pineapple variety.

Pineapple NFC Juice is used in a wide variety of different food products in the UK including –

  • Soft Drinks
  • Smoothies
  • Cocktails
  • Desserts
  • Ice Cream

Pineapple NFC Juice is often mixed with other products like Mango Puree, Passionfruit NFC Juice to produce Tropical blend juices.

Our Pineapple NFC Juice is sourced from a BRC (or equivalent) factories. We have been working with these factories for a long time in the UK. They have also been audited by our own in-house technical team.

We are happy to supply samples, specifications and prices for more information please contact enquiries@eebriansmith.com or 01844 239500.

Question – What is Pineapple NFC Juice?

Answer – Pineapple NFC Juice is Pineapples go through the juicing process. The juice is heat treated to prolong the shelf life. Nothing is added to the Pineapple Juice it is just Pineapples! This means it maintains its fresh and tropical taste and nutritional properties.

Question – When is the best time of year to purchase Pineapple NFC Juice?

Answer – It is available all year round.


Available all year.

Packaging Options

Aseptic Drums

Frozen Drums

Transport Options

Ambient Transport

Frozen Transport

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