Plum NFC Juice must be produced by using ripe plums, if the fruit is not ripe, you do not get as good a flavour juice. The Plums are pressed to try to maintain as much flavour as possible. During the manufacturing process the juice would have the skin and cells of the fruit removed.

We source the majority of our Plum NFC Juice from the UK. Other countries of origin include Italy, Greece and South Africa. Our supplier from the UK can offer varietal specific juice including Victoria or Lizzy varieties. The juice can be supplied either Cloudy or Clarified depending on what suits your application best.

Plum NFC Juice is normally supplied Aseptic in Drums or Bags in Boxes.


July – October.

Packaging Options

Aseptic Drums (approx. 200kg) and Aseptic Bag in Boxes (approx. 20kg)

Transport Options

Ambient Transport

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