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"E. E. & Brian Smith can trace its roots back to the mid-nineteenth century and has been involved in sourcing raw materials for the British food industry for almost 150 years."

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E. E. & Brian Smith are proud to be associated with these companies and organisations that continually supply us with a very high quality product.

Suppliers of food ingredients to EE & Brian Smith

Carefully Sourced Fruit, Vegetable and Fish Suppliers

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Everyone at Brian Smith believes that not only are our customers incredibly important, but all our suppliers are imperative too. Without either one, we cannot provide a successful and consistent service.

Over many years we have built up many successful and appreciative relationships with our national and international suppliers and this means we can really understand the products that we import.

We have suppliers from all over the world including Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico in the Americas, Indonesia, Sicily and Greece, as well as nearer to home in Morocco, Holland and Spain.

All our suppliers are united with one common desire-to produce food ingredients of the highest possible quality.

Audited for Quality, Reliability and Consistency

Reassuringly, our dedicated Technical Team are hard to please when it comes to food safety and quality and therefore audit every supplier before we import their foods.

Many of our international principles are also BRC, ISO or IFS certified, so quality, consistency and reliability are guaranteed.

New and Innovative Food Ingredients

To view all of the products that Brian Smith are able to supply, please follow the links to our food ingredients. If the product that you are after isn't there, we may be still able to supply it so feel free to contact us anyway. As part of the Kiril Mischeff Group, the Brian Smith team have an incredible range of products available to import and sell. Please contact the Brian Smith office, or send a message to our enquiries email address.

Contact E. E. Brian Smith

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