For us here at E.E. & Brian Smith, our partners mean the world to us. We carefully choose processors for their Quality, Competitiveness and Reliability and without them, we would have no product to offer!

All of suppliers have full accreditation and are solid partners for now and the future, whatever it might hold!

We have been working with many of our principals for more than 20 years and in some cases over 60 years!

We strongly feel that in order to sell something, you must first understand the product, understand the factory, its capabilities and its limitations. So, we visit and audit our supply base regularly and learn everything about it right the way from farmer to consumer.

E.E. & Brian Smith manages the relationship between customer and supplier, from initial enquiries and samples, negotiations, technical approval, through to shipping, storing, distribution and invoicing.

You can have complete peace of mind when you buy from us.