Grapefruit are a citrus fruit which can come in a variety of different colours including White, Red and Pink.

Grapefruit Comminute is an aseptic product which is processed by the whole peel and pulp both being blitzed together to produce a thick pulp/puree product. The pulp goes through the pasteurisation process. The product is subjected to as little heat as possible to ensure it tastes fresh and not cooked.

We source all our Grapefruit Comminute from our supplier in Spain.

This product can be supplied in Organic as well as conventional grade. As the product has been aseptically packed it is supplied in Aseptic Drums or Bags in Boxes.


December – March.

Packaging Options

Aseptic Drums (215kg) or Aseptic Bags in Boxes (25kg)

Transport Options

Ambient Transport

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