At E.E. & Brian Smith we source a huge portfolio of ingredients from across the world to suit a variety of different applications. Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Strawberries are one of the items that we specialise in we sell many thousands of tonnes from different origins but primarily Spain and Morocco other origins include Poland and the United Kingdom.

Varieties include Ventana, Sabrina, Fortuna, Primori, Rociera and Candonga in Spain and Morocco strawberries are grown primarily for the fresh market so it tends to be surplus fruit that is used for industry this means that all the fruit is grown to the highest standards in terms of control of pesticides and insecticides and water usage at the same time picking for peak freshness, flavour and colour.

Working closely with our partners in the field, E.E. Brian Smith’s technical team and buyers monitor all the different quality parameters to ensure that the IQF Strawberries meet the highest quality and sustainability standards set by our customers, at the same time staying close to the market so we can offer the most competitive pricing and advice to our customers as the optimal time to buy.

We can offer the full range of IQF Strawberries available to the market including Sliced, Diced (different dice and slice sizes available) whole ungraded and graded and whole Organic IQF Strawberries.

Different packaging options are available, but our standard pack is a 20kg carton with blue plastic poly liners.

IQF Strawberry can be used in a wide range of applications including the manufacture of jams and spreads for the retail trade and jam as a filling in biscuits and bakery goods. They are also used in the manufacture of Yoghurts, Yoghurt drinks, chilled deserts such as trifles and fruit compotes and Ice creams.

For further information on the range of IQF Strawberry range we can offer why not call us on 01844 239500 or email us at

Please also check our FAQ’s for those common questions if you like to know more about our extensive range of Fruit Juices, please check out our FAQ’s…

What IQF Strawberry products can I buy?
We can offer a full range of IQF Strawberry products including Whole – Graded and Ungraded, Sliced and Diced in different sizes.

What pack formats can I have?
Normally we pack into 20kg cartons with 640kg per pallet.

Where are my products packed?
We work with factories across the world however we source our IQF Strawberry products from Spain, Morocco and UK.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
1x pallet around 600kg per pallet.

What are the applications for our IQF Strawberries?
IQF Strawberries can be used in the manufacture of Yoghurts, Yoghurt drinks, chilled deserts such as trifles and fruit compotes and Ice creams.

Can I get trade credit?
We can offer you credit, subject to suitable, successful credit checks.

What is the lead time on these ingredients?
If in stock, the lead time is generally 1 week after your order has been processed. If out of season or a bespoke production is needed, the lead time might be longer. Please note that most of these lines are produced in-season. It might be possible that product will not be available again until the next crop.

Why work with E.E. & Brian Smith as an IQF Strawberry supplier in the UK?
We can offer from a selection of accredited IQF Strawberry suppliers all of which are compliant with BRC regulations and have been audited by us.
We offer technical support for you if you have any questions or issues regarding the IQF Strawberry which you purchase. Contracts are available for spread shipments over one year to guarantee price meaning no fluctuations for you or your customer!