This Sunday (26th November 2023) is Stir Up Sunday. Stir Up Sunday is a tradition from Victorian times where people spend the last Sunday before Advent ‘stirring up’ their Christmas Pudding.

Stir Up Sunday is always the end of November and is 5 weeks before Christmas Day. The date changes each year depending on how the calendar falls but is always the last Sunday before Advent.

You don’t just have to make a Christmas Pudding on Stir Up Sunday some people also make their Christmas Cake or Mincemeat ready for their Mince Pies. By making these ahead of time the flavours can combine and mature giving a better tasting pudding or cake.

Often in families everyone takes turns in mixing the Christmas Pudding and make a wish while they mix. In other families a coin is placed in the Christmas Pudding and whoever finds the coin gets wealth and happiness for the coming year.

We hope you enjoy making your Christmas Pudding or Cake this Sunday.

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