We have had a busy month here at E.E. & Brian Smith. We have been doing lots of travelling visiting suppliers, customers, and trade shows.

Kelvin visited a customer in Lincolnshire and combined it with catch up with the Kiril Mischeff team at their offices in Worksop. He also attended the BeerX show in Liverpool which was a great opportunity to meet with some new breweries and attend some interesting talks.

Lee and Julian visited Iberfruta to look at the Strawberries growing in the Huelva region and looked at the Bitter Orange trees growing in the Seville region. It was good for the customer to see the factory and fields, so they understand the full journey of the product to their factory.

We are ready for an exciting week next week at the IFE where we have lots of suppliers and customers visiting our stand with Kiril Mischeff and Good Food Wines.

Beerx March 2024

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