It’s Strawberry Season!

This week our technical and commercial team have been visiting Strawberry growers in Huelva, Southern Spain to look at this year’s Strawberry crop.

On this visit we saw 5 growers and it was great to be on farms understanding this year’s crop first hand. This year the crop is looking positive, with expectations of an increased yield compared to last year.

During the visit we discussed concerns farmers in the region had with new restriction on water usage and how this affects their ability to irrigate effectively throughout the entire Strawberry campaign. Though challenging, it’s positive to see farmers’ intuitive use of weather mapping and soil humidity tools to ensure they don’t waste water.

We had an informative trip and enjoyed meeting all the growers and seeing our long-standing supplier Iberfruta.

Did you know that Strawberry products are one of our most popular lines we sell! From Puree to IQF let us know if we can help you this season –


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