Lime Juice Concentrate is manufactured by pressing limes then putting the resulting juice through the evaporation process. This means the juice concentrates as water is evaporated and you can ship reduced volumes which helps save costs. It can be re-diluted back to single strength juice at your factory if required.

Lime Concentrate can be sourced from all over the world, but we tend to source from Peru and Mexico.

It is supplied Clear or Cloudy depending on your application and can be Aseptic, Frozen and Preserved in Drums, Bags in Boxes and Jerry Cans.


Mexico – March to October.

Peru – December to August.

Packaging Options

Frozen Drums (approx. 230kg) and Frozen Pails (20kg)

We also repack Lime Concentrate into Aseptic Drums or Bags in Boxes if required

Transport Options

Frozen Transport

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