E.E. & Brian Smith are a supplier of  Mango Chutney. We source it from Konnagar near Kolkata, India.

The Mango Chutney is produced by using unripe mangos which are then cooked with spices such as chilli, garlic, ginger and vinegar to make a Chutney.

We can offer different Mango Chutney products which have a variety of different flavour profiles from mild to spicy.

Mango Chutney Base gives you the flexibility to add your own unique spices at your production site on arrival whereas the Mild and Spicy version already have the spices added.

It is shipped ambient and has a shelf life of 2 years. The Mango Chutney which has the spices already added is a ready to use product. This means it can be packed into your jars straight away or added into your food production without further cooking!

Packaging formats are flexible with the following options –

  • Jerry Cans
  • 60kg – 290kg Plastic Drums
  • IBC’s

The factory is flexible so if a specific type of packaging is required, please let us know and we will do our best to help.

The factory is BRC accredited, ISO, HACCP and Kosher certified and has also been visited by our own in-house technical team.

We are happy to supply samples, specifications and prices for more information please contact enquiries@eebriansmith.com or 01844 239500.

Question – Should Mango Chutney be refrigerated?

Answer – No, in the packaging format sent straight from the factory it can be stored ambient. Once opened it has to be kept refrigerated and used within 2 months.

Question – What can you use Mango Chutney for?

Answer – It can be used in a wide variety of dishes some of our favourites include – adding it to Risotto to give a little extra kick, serving with Indian starters, coating sauces to give an extra sticky sweet and slightly spicy taste!


May – June.

Packaging Options

Jerry Cans, Drums and IBC’s

Transport Options

Ambient Transport

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