E.E. & Brian Smith are a supplier of IQF Apricot. IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Apricot is produced by washing the apricots, cutting the Apricots in half and removing the stone. If required for halves they go through the freezing process ensuring each piece of fruit stays separate from each other ensuring a free-flowing product. If dice are required, they are cut into size needed and then frozen.

We source all our IQF Apricot Dice from Spain. The season for sourcing Apricot Dice is very short and only happens once a year in June. The climate is much more desirable here for growing Apricots as it is nice and sunny!

The blooming period is very important for the Apricot trees as this is where the fruit develops on the tree. If a hailstorm or frost happens during this time it could ruin all the fruit on the tree.

The IQF Apricot Halves or Dice is packed into 10 or 20kg cartons.

The IQF Apricot Halves and Dice is used in lots of different applications in the UK Food Industry. Applications include –

  • Ice Cream
  • Jam
  • Baby Food
  • Yoghurts

Our IQF Apricot is sourced from a BRC (or equivalent) factory. We have been working with this factory for a long time as their agent within the UK.

We are happy to supply samples, specifications and prices for more information please contact enquiries@eebriansmith.com or 01844 239500.

Question – What is IQF?

Answer – IQF  ‘individually quick frozen’ means that the fruit is frozen very quickly at low temperatures. By it being frozen quickly the ice crystals do not form and the frozen fruit remains free flowing within the bag or carton.

Question – What is the shelf life of the IQF Apricot Halves or Dice?

Answer – From production date shelf life is 2 years.



Packaging Options

10/20kg cartons

Transport Options

Frozen Transport

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